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Business Intelligence

Being a cost leader and offering differentiated services and or products to customers has become a key target for many companies. Product life cycles have become shorter through the different stages of introduction, growth, maturity and decline. Customers today have access to more market information that ever before. Supply chains are
increasingly required to become more agile and flexible for many industries. To meet today’s challenges, companies need to be adequately informed on key market data┬áthat drives cost and long term strategy.

Scio NS offers customers market data on customs, freight and warehousing within the East African market along with key logistics service providers who are capable of providing these specific services. Our information allows our customers to make better adjustments which lead to contacts that offer great service at affordable rates to customers thereby enhancing the overall customer experience.

We also offer the same level of advice to procurement departments to help them identify the best possible options when selecting 3PLs or making the critical decision on whether to outsource or not.