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Logistics Support

Scio NS Ltd offers logistics support services with particular emphasis on inbound logistics where lack of visibility, control and rising freight costs negatively impact businesses. A key benefit of our support services to our customers is the optimisation of cost by enhancing inbound processes and advising on logistics services providers and

Whypricing. Consistent SLA and KPI measurements ensure our customers can monitor and proactively react to a dynamic inbound environment.

Visibility and Control:

Today, identifying what’s in transit, where it is, when it will arrive, and how much it will cost, requires piecing together information from internal paperwork, carrier websites, and phone calls, a time consuming process. A comprehensive report might take hours or days to prepare.

Scio NS offers a customised solution that allows our clients the opportunity to focus on their core business while their inbound logistics are optimised to enhance visibility and control. Visibility and control is managed through our Enterprise class management system which provides a platform for improved logistics integration and communication.

Accurate and timely information allows our clients to make the right decisions with regard to cost, inventory and logistics support providers.

Rising Costs:

Poor documentation often results in delays that are costly often leading to eroded margins. Delays increase inventory levels as the supply chain grapples with managing demand and supply. Effective management of information flows across the supply chain is critical to managing costs and enhancing the overall customer experience driven by the supply chain.

A common area that can become difficult to manage and keep in check are freight services. Rising freight costs along with poor service levels affect customer service and product availability.

Scio NS offers clients the ability to improve information flows and overall supply chain management through the integration of logistics flows in one integrated enterprise logistics platform.

Freight market intelligence, better planning and control, carrier and tariff management  coupled with deep knowledge of the local East African environment offers our customers the ability to managed rising costs proactively.

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