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ManagementScio NS Ltd believes that supply chains and logistics are critical to companies achieving their growth targets. Our main interest lies in lowering overall supply chain spend through the use of innovative solutions and services geared towards enhancing the overall customer experience. Today’s global environment has seen supply chains become increasingly complex while product life cycles have become shorter through the different stages. Our aim is to help companies manage this complexity within the East African context.

Consistent research and deep knowledge of the East African market is our key asset.

We aim to ensure our customers achieve competitive advantage through their value chains while meeting their long-term strategy objectives.

Visibility and control are key elements that we offer through our different solutions and services. Having the right information at the right time allows our customers to better manage their supply chains. A reliable, cost effective, robust, agile and flexible supply chain is everyone’s dream. Our desire is to help realise this dream.

Our approach is geared towards ensuring that the supply chain is aligned with the overall business strategy to achieve sustainable business growth and profitability. Project management plays a key role in managing our service and solutions. We believe keeping a keen eye on detail is paramount to sustained success. We understand that each project needs to be treated differently based on the project life cycle. Having a clear understanding of what our customers define as a successful project, is a key driver of our service and solutions.
East Africa represents our core geography. Our expertise lies in key sectors of retail, consumer, telecoms, aid and relief, beverages, public health and business intelligence. As part of our service, we have developed key contacts with logistics service providers who are capable of meeting todays challenges of cost and service. This allows Scio NS to offer pooling services where customers can meet new and reliable contacts. This ensures that we not only deliver on strategy and tactical but also operational support.
Our team of advisors consists of proven supply chain and logistics professionals who bring a wealth of experience and practical knowledge gained from working within different sectors in East Africa. We have a wide network of contacts to leverage on to ensure we offer the best service with the most current perspective on supply chain and logistics within the region. This keeps the overall team lean but capable of scaling depending on the project at hand.
We desire to help our customers achieve the twin purpose of being a cost leader and offering quality services. Our support comes in a variety of forms. We can overlay our advisory and value addition services across customer supply chains to helping our customers outsource their networks. Turning business data into business intelligence.